Eight Year Anniversary

Building a Bajo Sexto
April 17, 2012
Paul Geremia Shop Concert
May 15, 2012

Eight Year Anniversary

Eight years ago I left a good job as a carpenter and project manager to build guitars full time.  Like anything it’s had its ups and downs but I’ve had no regrets.

It was rather fortuitous that this past weekend had a few Fraulini customers pass through town.  My old friend and oldest customer Alvin Youngblood Hart came through to play a gig.  Alvin has the third guitar that I built, an oak Angelina 12 string.  He’s been playing it and touring all over the world with it for the past ten years.  It was nice to see that the two of them are holding up well.  Dom Flemmons and Hubbie Jenkins of the Carolina Chocolate Drops also stopped by in the middle of their tour to get a few tweaks done on their guitars.  It’s always nice to see the guitars after they’ve been out in the world, road tested.

Thanks to all of my friends and family (most especially my very patient wife), to all of the customers I’ve had throughout the years, and to the musicians who use my instruments on a daily basis.  I’m very fortunate that you all have helped me do what I do.




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  1. Eric says:

    Congratulations. I hope to be the first customer to place an order for a guitar at the top of your ninth year!

    Best regards,