August 5, 2018

Making a Case for Making a Case- Revisited

  Guitar cases are an essential commodity for a guitar builder.  Standard size cases can be purchased fairly easily, for a reasonable price.  If you make and instrument that doesn’t fit into a standard case, your options are to have a custom case made, or to retrofit an over sized case.  I have a few models that don’t fit into standard cases and require custom cases.  I’ve had custom cases made by a variety of manufacturers and for one reason […]
May 18, 2018

The Black Hole

  Several years ago, during a time that I was playing a lot of upright bass, I had a dream that I was inside a stone grotto.  In the center of the grotto there was a metal pipe coming out of the ground.  Attached to the top of the pipe there was a neck for an upright bass.  In the center of the pipe a bridge was welded and at the bottom of the pipe there was a tailpiece.  I […]