Todd Cambio

October 19, 2020

Miguel Acosta Checkered Guitar

June 15, 2020

Nick Lucas’ Galiano

When you say Nick Lucas in the acoustic guitar world, most people think of the Gibson model that bears his name, the deep bodied flat top that was first issued in 1927, in the shape of an L-1, then an L-00. Few people remember that Nick Lucas was the person that replaced the tenor banjo in 1920’s dance bands with the guitar, or that he had the first solo guitar record that sold a million copies. His 1922 record of […]
August 5, 2018

Making a Case for Making a Case- Revisited

  Guitar cases are an essential commodity for a guitar builder.  Standard size cases can be purchased fairly easily, for a reasonable price.  If you make and instrument that doesn’t fit into a standard case, your options are to have a custom case made, or to retrofit an over sized case.  I have a few models that don’t fit into standard cases and require custom cases.  I’ve had custom cases made by a variety of manufacturers and for one reason […]
July 31, 2017

Lonnie Johnson’s Mysterious 12 String

My creative spirit feeds off of unusual sounds and images.  I love to try and figure out what kinds of instruments made the sounds on old records and what musicians were photographed with.  The more unusual the instrument and its sound the better.  I am especially fascinated by the instruments that came from small, independent shops. I have puzzled over country music pioneer Ernest Stoneman’s Galiano, Willie McTell’s Tonk Brothers 12 string, and Lydia Mendoza’s Acosta 12 string.  I have […]