Fenezia- Auditorium Sized Galiano

The Fenezia is a copy of a Galiano Auditorium sized guitar, originally made in the small New York shops of Raphael Ciani and Antonio Cerrito. These guitars were popular among professional musicians in the 1920s because they were some of the biggest guitars of the time, predating Martin's Dreadnought and Gibson's Jumbo. Eddie Lang, Nick Lucas, Ernest Stoneman and Andy Sanella were all photographed with these models. Originally these guitars were ladder braced, 15 5/8" at the lower bout with a scale of 26 1/2, made as six and 12 strings. I have played around with the bracing and the scale, using both ladder and X bracing, sticking with the 26 1/2" scale , and going as short as 24 7/8". The Fenezia is a great guitar, big and boomy, suitable for all types of music.
Ernest Stoneman
Andy Sanella
Nick Lucas
Eddie Lang

Sound Samples

Here's my friend Todd Albright playing a Willie McTell tune on his Fenezia 12 string. Todd is a great player from Detroit, Michigan who toured and studied with Paul Geremia. You can find out more at his website https://www.toddalbright.com/
Here's a 12 string Fenezia, going for a test drive before heading out to it's new owner.