Felix- 000 Sized 14 Fret

I initially made the Felix for my friend Craig Ventresco who wanted a big 14 fret guitar. I was thinking of the big Galiano guitars, which predated archtops and were the choice for some early jazz players like Eddie Lang and Nick Lucas. Antonio Cerrito made some 14 fret guitars in the late 20s, most likely for a jazz player before archtops caught on. The shape of the Felix was influenced by some early D'Angelicos. I was trying to keep the bridge as close as I could to the widest part of the top, not too close to the soundhole. I'm not a big archtop fan, I don't think they have the dynamic range of a flat top. I wish more jazz players played flat tops. The Felix is 15 5/8" in the lower bout with either a 25 1/2" or 24 7/8" scale. I have built them ladder braced and X braced. Ladder bracing has a little more attitude and kick. X bracing is smoother and sweeter.

Sound Samples